DISTRICT GOALS 2019-2020

     Goal #1:  Curriculum, Instruction & Program:

    The district will work to identify distinct pathways, aligned with college majors and/or careers, (i.e., engineering, computer science, medical, education, business, culinary arts, arts) for high school students.  The individual pathways would present options for students interested in concentrating in one of the outlined areas.

    Goal #2:  Facilities

    Begin the process of identifying and planning necessary facilities upgrades focused on ensuring the health and safety of students for the next decade.

    Goal #3:  Finance

    Continue to explore ways to reduce cost and generate additional revenue.  Additionally, the district will maintain a high level of awareness regarding the potential impact of district consolidation.

    Goal #4:  Parent/Community Outreach

    Provide additional resources/assistance to all families.


    Goal #5:  Climate and Culture

    Promote mental health and wellness among staff and students.