DISTRICT GOALS 2020-2022


    Goal 1:  Curriculum, Instruction & Program

    The district will seek to further extend the development of student learning experiences tailored to the specific interests of the individual.


    Goal 2:  Curriculum, Instruction & Program

    The district will provide meaningful staff professional development on inclusivity and diversity. The district will also make inclusivity and diversity a central component of the curriculum development process.


    Goal 3:  Facilities

    The district will identify specific infrastructure needs at each building as well as Hershfield Park and the Board of Education building.


    Goal 4:  Finance: 

    The district will continue to explore ways to cut expenses and increase revenues. 


    Goal 5:  Community:

    A return to normalcy will require a return to the traditions of our district. The district will work to reestablish the traditions that were suspended.  Additionally, the district will work to raise awareness among parents and the community of the importance of  inclusivity and diversity.