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                                 2019-2020 ( time flies faster as I get older)
    As usual, just a few family updates...
    My daughter Grace, Class of 2008, is taking a year maternity leave off from teaching. She had a baby, Patrick James (PJ), on June 27th of this year. Her husband Patrick Diamond, is a police officer in Edgewater, has a Landscaping Business ( Diamond Landscaping ),and is also very involved in the North Jersey HS Basketball Association, ( yes, he knows Ms. Moyle, he is a ref)...and I am now known as Granny LU!!!! They have a home on Erskine Lake in Ringwood so I am getting to know another part of North Jersey.
    My other daughter Sara, Class of 2011, is still working in NYC. She continues to live with her good friend Mollie, Class of 2011, on the upper East Side. She also lives near her other good friends Jackie Gloshinski Class of 2011,  so she is surrounded with friends who are just like family.
    My son Zane, Class of 2014, lives in Moorestown, South Jersey to join his buddy in a Landscape Business. So all of my kids are living somewhere else!!!!!
    My husband Kurt, Class of 1976, continues to work as an electrical inspector and still loves his job.
    My father-in-law Jerry, Class of 1941, (his graduation was at Hersfield Park and within a year he and most of his classmates were in the service) is always excited for the football season to start. He has always been a fan and has the most Cardinal Pride ! Oh yea, he turned 96 this August and is in better shape than I am!
    I continue to be a proud graduate of Carteret High School (Go Ramblers) Class of 1975. Many people think I was brought up in Pompton Lakes but that is my husband's hometown. My hometown of Carteret is well known as Exit 12 NJTPKE. I'm sure many have passed it on their way to the Jersey shore.
    I have been very fortunate to teach in all the schools in Pompton Lakes beginning with my career at Lincoln School in 1983. Before that I worked in Holmdel, NJ. 
    It has been a great experience so far!!! 
    Stay tuned.......................I will have been teaching for 35 years this December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     Me at my locker 1975 Carteret High School football game 1974-75, my senior year Grace & Sara The Family Sara & Zane I did go to Africa! Guess who? That's correct, Patty in a deep sleep during the trip to VA 2014.           
    For the 2019-20 school year I am scheduled for the following classes:
    Period 1-Rm 201          Academic Algebra II / inclusion with Ms. Conner
    Period 2-Rm 106          Resource Room  Algebra II
    Period 3-Rm 209         Academic Biology / inclusion with Ms. Russo
    Period 4-Rm-20           Academic Support
    Period 5                       Lunch
    Period 6-Rm 20            Resource Room Algebra II
    Period 7-Rm 20            Resource Room Algebra I
    Period 8-Rm 20            Academic Support
    Period 9                       Prep
    I am available every morning from 7:15 to 7:50, and after school. 
    Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail for any reason.
    Louise Decker