• Course Expectations / Math III - Alg II / Math I - Alg I
    • Students are expected to come to class prepared with materials per class syllabus and a positive attitude!
     Course Expectations inclusion classes
    • Students are expected to  come to class prepared with necessary materials.
    • All work is expected to be completed in a timely manner.
    • Students need to be proactive with their learning and seek help outside of the classroom when necessary.
    • Nothing less than 100% effort in the daily class instruction is acceptable.
    Course Expectations academic support
    • Students are expected to attend 5- 40 minute periods of academic support each week. 
    • All students will have daily access to a computer.
    • It is understood that academic support is not a guided study period, but rather a guided work period.
    • Students are expected to keep academic support teachers aware of any specific needs as outlined on the Individualized Educational Plan or  504 accommodations.
    The best resource  for a specific assignment is a teacher. All teachers are available during the course of the day in addition to before and after school. Appointments are not necessary but advised for specific instruction.
    If at home and in doubt, arrive early to school and seek out assistance...or surf a little on the web and discover.
    Keep in mind... 
    Our media center is open by 7am with working computers, internet access and printing needs.