• Welcome to the Pompton Lakes School District Curriculum page.  The curriculum is listed by school.  Please click on the school on the left to reveal a menu for each content area curriculum.

    On June 3, 2020, the New Jersey Department of Education voted in favor of the revised New Jersey Student Learning Standards in Physical Education/Health, Visual and Performing Arts, World Language, Social Studies, Science, Computer Science and Design Thinking, and Career Readiness, Life Literacies, and Key Skills.  For more information about the NJDOE approval process and the local district revision and adoption process, please click here.

    The Pompton Lakes School District is currently revising the curricula for these respective subjects and will implement the changes per the following NJDOE timeline:

    Curriculum Implementation Schedule (NJDOE, June 3, 2020):

    By September 2022:

    • Career Readiness, Life Literacies, and Key Skills; Science; Visual and Performing Arts; and, World Language
    • Comprehensive Health and Physical Education; Computer Science and Design Thinking; and, Social Studies
    • For more information and to view the updated NJSLS, please visit https://www.nj.gov/education/standards/ (updated by the NJDOE on 1/12/22)

    *Due to the pandemic, the NJDOE extended the implementation deadline to September 2022 for all curricula impacted by their adoption of the NJSLS 2020 standards. 

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