• AP Literature and Composition- This course is taught on a college level and thus requires both a zeal for literature and a strong work ethic.  It involves literarture in the form of poetry, novels, short stories, and prose, AP test strategies and practice, and in- depth analysis and interpretation.  Students will begin to analyze literature focusing on author intent and the rhetorical devices he/she uses to achieve that intent.
    SAT Prep-  The SAT is easily the most important test any student will take in his/her academic career.  This course is designed to improve the critical reading and writing scores of students taking the SAT.  Students are assessed on how much they improve from a beginning of the course diagnostic to several end of the course summative tests.  SAT Prep involves intense vocab study, critical reading and writing methods and strategies, and a great deal of guided and timed practice.  If students commit themselves to the course, complete all the work, and are rarely absent, a higher score is guaranteed.