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    Writing Expectations for the Monthly Calendar

    In third grade, students become more aware of their writing.  The children gradually understand that writing is a valuable tool for communicating their thoughts and ideas to others.  They no longer depend on a picture prompt to direct their writing, but are able to write about a specific topic for the purpose of communicating information.  By drawing on prior knowledge and personal experiences, students are able to make connections through writing.

    The purpose of these monthly writing prompt is to provide students with writing exercises that allows them to practice organizational skills, demonstrate correct paragraph structure, apply grammar and mechanics, and write for an audience.  

    Over the past month, the students have been learning about main ideas and topic sentences, as well as adding relevant and “juicy” details to their writing.  For these assignments, I would like the students to write in paragraph form (topic sentence, four supporting sentences, and a closing sentence).  As they get into this habit, they will discover the importance of a strong lead (topic sentence) and a clear, focused closing when writing a paragraph.  Students will also learn how to indent their paragraph and create a title that captures their audience's attention.  In turn, this will also assist them in responding to open-ended questions which we will practice more frequently beginning in January. As always, feel free to have them go beyond a paragraph if they can!

    Just to review, students are responsible for selecting FOUR topics from the calendar to achieve FOUR points.  They can hand one assignment in at the end of each week, or return papers to school whenever they finish them.  I will try to organize them into a packet and do a “progress report” during the middle of each month.
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