•  “Extra” Homework for “Extra” Points

    Do any of the following activities and bring them to school for extra team points. You can do the same activity more than once as long as there are new words or letters to work with. This is an on-going activity – I will accept Extra Homework from now until June!


    ·        Use your Trick Words to write 3 sentences. You can include other words you sound out. Underline the Trick Words you use. (Be sure can read them!!)

    ·        Find at least 10 different Trick Words in magazines, newspapers etc. and create a collage. (Be sure can read them!!)

    ·        Type at least 10 different Trick Words on the computer and print them out. (Be sure can read them!!)

    ·        Create flashcards of your Trick Words and bring them to school to read ALL of them to Mrs. Cordaro.

    ·        Use colored pencils, markers or crayons to write at least 12 of your Trick Words. (Be sure can read them!!)

    ·        Use letter magnets or make letter cards for the letters we have learned. Re-arrange them to make new words. List at least 10 words. Ex. Map, fog, sat etc.

    ·        NEATLY write all of the letters, capital and lower-case, in order without looking at a chart or list.

    ·        Make an alphabet chart/booklet of 8 of the letters we have learned to date. This can be done by drawing a picture for each word, printing one from a computer or cutting one out of a magazine.

    ·        Bring in a simple book that you can read to Ms. Froude all by yourself!!

    ·        Find/Draw pictures of 10 rhyming words. Try to write the words.

    ·        Find a worksheet on the internet or in a “workbook” you may have. (As long as it covers a skill we are working on in class).  


    Some of the students said they use iPads or other technology to practice their Trick Words. Send a note in and let me know if your child is doing this at home. 10 minutes = an extra point!!