• I frequently have parents asking me about reading levels and what books are appropriate for children of specific levels.  Teacher's College (the Reading/Writing program we use) suggests that these guidelines be used when determining if a student is reading "on level."
    First Grade
    September:  Level D/E
    November:  Level F/G
    January:  Level G/H
    March:  Level H/I/J
    June:  Level I/J/K
    What do these levels mean?  I have taken a list from a site that we, as teachers, use to level some of our books.  This is by no means a complete listing of books, but should be used to see what types of books are appropriate for the different levels. 
    I hope these lists help you better understand the leveling system we use here at Lenox Elementary School.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.  Happy Reading!