Mission Statement:  To empower each other to provide community service and smiles to the less fortunate and to create and develop future leaders.
    The purpose of our club is to foster leadership, responsible citizenship, and teamwork in an effort to benefit both the community and the less fortunate.  We also encourage an International understanding and peace....the name was created by the two words "International" and "Action".   
     We also encourage positive thinking, a positive attitude, and empathy for other people.
     How does Interact create a positive change in the community?

    Every Interact club carries out two service projects a year:

    • one that helps the school or community 
    • one that promotes International understanding.
     Interact is associated with Rotary Club International.
    To learn more about Rotary visit the link below:
     If you would like to know more about this club and the activities we will be doing during the 2014-2015 school year, please visit the "clubs and activities" webpage on the plps-k12.org website. 
    Gineen Ricciardelli
    Elvira Zulali