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    Grade 2

    Second grade classes review and continue to build upon all areas studied in first grade Spanish, because language learning takes place over many years with constant reinforcement.  Second graders also learn new topics and engage in activities like identifying and labeling the objects in the classroom such as:

    the table = la mesa

    the chair = la silla

    the backpacks = las mochilas

    the chalkboard = la pizarra   (el pizarrón)

    the window = la ventana

    the flag = la bandera

    the door = la puerta

    the desk = el escritorio

                       Classroom objects worksheet and Solar System worksheet

                Second graders also learn how to describe themselves using adjectives, say “I have” (yo tengo) and “I am” (yo soy), and learn the Spanish names of the continents to reinforce the Social Studies curriculum.  The Science curriculum is reinforced with the names of planets as well as the sun, el sol and the moon, la luna.  Second graders draw and label family trees in Spanish during a unit that expands upon family words learned the previous year.