Grade 3

                Third graders will review and expand upon all previous topics.  They will continue numbers up to 100, cien.  The third graders will also learn the names of various animals such as; el gato, el perro, la vaca, el mono, el pez, la gallina, el pato y el caballo.  A typical activity during the animal unit involves each student creating original animal drawings labeled with Spanish words or with complete animal sentences.  Third grade classes also sing the Me gusta song to learn how to express likes and dislikes in Spanish.  For example, me gusta cantar = I like to sing, me gusta leer = I like to read, me gusta comer = I like to eat, and no me gusta = I don’t like.  Students will learn new body parts; la garganta = the throat.  They will also learn to express various aches and pains dolores.  Other topics include clothing and weather.

    pants = los pantalones      los pantalones

    the shirt = la camisa

    shoes = los zapatos      los zapatos


    the skirt = la falda

    the bathing suit = el traje de baño