Here is an idea of our third grade homework assignments:
    We are using the Fundations curriculum for phonics.  This was added to third grade last year so your chidren will continue with the program.  We will be learning and studying letter sounds and word patterns.  Cursive writing will also be introduced this year.  Homework assignments will be based on the particular lesson.  Assisgnments will include writing "meaty" sentences, putting words in ABC order, and finding definitions for words.  Assessments will be given for each unit.  
     A math paper will be given for homework almost every day.  This paper will review a skill taught in class that day, or on a previous day.  Be sure to follow all directions.  If there is a story problem, please be sure to Circle, Circle, Underline (circle the facts, underline the question, circle the clue words).  Also please print numbers neatly.  Always have your child ask him/herself if the answer makes sense.  Get them in the habit of checking  work for errors. Be sure to complete all parts which ask students to "explain your answer."   These are the types of activities that will help your child do better on standardized testing.  Practicing math facts also helps your child achieve success in math. 
    We will be completing spiral reviews.  A practice spiral will be given to students on Mondays to be completed at home and due on Fridays.  A final spiral review quiz (similar to the homework)will be given on Fridays.   Being proficient in math facts is an important foundation to understanding of our third grade math curriculum. Please be sure your child has mastered all addition and subtraction facts up to 20.  Multiplication will be introduced in third grade.
    Children should be reading at least 20 minutes per day and making notes on post-its.  Here are some things for your child to consider when jotting down information on a post-it note:  Did I learn new information?  Did I get a strong image of something described in what I read?  Did I read something that made me "burst" with curiosity?  Did I learn an awesome new word? Did I come to the end of a section?  Did what I read fit in with something I read before?  Can I make predictions about what will happen next?  We will use the post-its for partner or book club discussions.
    Each child will receive a planner on the first day of school.  At the end of each day homework will be written on board for children to copy in their planners. Please look at your child's planner every day to check on assignments.  When assignments have been completed, please sign for that day.  
    You can follow your child's progress in returning completed assignments by checking in the parent portal.  
    ** Assignments are also posted in Google Classroom.