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    Grade 1

                    First graders review parts of the body in Spanish including:

    la cabeza – head

    los hombros – shoulders

    las piernas – legs

    los pies – feet

    la boca - mouth

    The first grade classes are also learning the days of the week: 

    Sunday = domingo

    Monday =  lunes

    Tuesday =  martes

    Wednesday = miércoles

    Thursday = jueves

    Friday = viernes

    Saturday = sábado   

                      The Days of the Week Song
             By the end of first grade, the students will have practiced the words for the following colors:

                       Red = rojo

                       Blue = azul

                       Yellow = amarillo

                       Green = verde

                       Orange = anaranjado

                       Black = negro

                       Purple = violeta o morado

                       Pink = rosado

                       White = blanco

                       Brown = café, marrón o pardo

                Other topics in first grade Spanish include words for various members of the family, the months of the year, following commands in Spanish, the numbers 1 – 30, and cultural celebrations from countries where people speak Spanish.

         Here is the San Fermín song, sung in class to practice the months:

    San Fermín

    Primero de enero

    dos de febrero

    tres de marzo

    cuatro de abril

    cinco de mayo

    seis de junio

    siete de julio

    San Fermín

    ocho de agosto

    nueve de septiembre

    diez de octubre

    once de noviembre

    y doce de diciembre

                                                              Listen to the song here.
          A video for the the song can be found here: