• Handwriting Rules

    Dear Parents,

    Your child has been working hard to improve their handwriting skills this semester. These are some of the rules they have learned so far this year. They are now being asked to identify handwriting errors and to correct them.

    Rules for Handwriting

    1.      Start all letters at the top

    2.      All letters sit on a line (no floating letters) D,d,c,b,o

    3.      Make tall letters tall ( tall letters are all capital letters and lower case letters b,d,f,h,k,l,t-these letters start at top and bump bottom line)

    4.      Make small letters small (all other lower case letters (except dive down letters), it bumps middle and bottom line or half of the space of double lined paper)

    5.      Dive down letters are the only letters that should go beyond bottom line (g,j,q,y)

    6.      Go slow when forming letters

    7.      Look at  your paper when writing

    8.      Put one finger space between words

    9.      Make letters in word close, but not touching

    10.   Erase mistakes completely, do not retrace letters