• Hi, Welcome to Honors Chemistry 2017 - 2018!

    Chemistry is the study of substances and the changes they undergo. It is a broad science that overlaps with many others. This course is designed for the learner to not only become familiar with this fascinating science through qualitative and quantitative investigation along with laboratory experimentation, but to ready the student for Advanced Placement Chemistry. A very strong knowledge of mathematics, an inquisitive, logical nature and a sense that laboratory safety is important are all necessary for success in the class.

    Topics covered will include: matter and measurements, atoms, molecules and ions, electronic structure of atoms, periodic properties of elements, chemical bonding, molecular geometry, types of chemical reactions and balancing equations, the mole, stoichiometry, solutions, thermochemistry, gases, intermolecular forces, liquids and solids, acid-base equilibria, chemical kinetics, and nuclear chemistry.

    Grades in the course will be determined by the students' achievement in the following areas: tests, quizzes, lab work and reports, projects, homework, daily involvement in the classroom and a final exam.