• Welcome to Astronomy 2018-2019!

    Astronomy is a rapidly evolving science dedicated to the understanding of the Cosmos.

    This course is intended for students to use their previous knowledge from courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science as well as Algebra and Trigonometry to study the discoveries new and old about the Universe as we know it through qualitative reasoning.

    The topics covered include: Our place in the Universe (charting the heavens using spectroscopy and telescopes), our planetary system (the formation of the terrestrial and Jovian planets and their moons), stars (the life cycle of low mass and high mass stars), and galaxies (the milky way and other galaxies; possible life in the Universe).

    Grades in this course will be determined by the students' achievement in the following areas: test, quizzes, lab work, reports, projects, homework and daily involvement in the classroom.

    College Credit for Astronomy is available through Project Acceleration with Seton Hall University. The credits can be transferred to most college usually as an elective for 3 credits.