• Guidelines for Quiz/Test Corrections 

    Students have the ability and option to correct their quiz/test to improve their grade. The grade will be averaged with the original grade and a new grade will be provided. 

    Steps to correct quiz/test 

    1.  Use lined paper 

    2.  Put your 6th grade label at the top of the page along with the title of the test/quiz you are correcting. (this will include your name, period, test/quiz name)

    3.  Any and all questions which are not 100% correct (this includes any points taken off of any question) MUST be corrected.

    4.  Corrections MUST include the corresponding quiz/test number, the correct answer as well as a one sentence explanation of what you did wrong. If an explanation is not provided, the question will be counted incorrect.

    5.  Corrections must be handed in by the due date. Please note: Late corrections will not be accepted


    YOU have to research the correct answer in any fashion necessary (i.e., homework, classwork, friends, teacher, etc.)