21st Century Learning, Career and Technology Standards Addendum

    Career Ready Practices describe the career-ready skills that all educators in all content areas should seek to develop in their students.  For specifics related to the Pompton Lakes School District Curriculum, please see the following link:

    Integrated Curriculum Standards: 21st Century Learning, Career and Technology Addendum


    Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Gifted and Talented students, English Language Learners, Special Education and/or Academically At-Risk Students 

    Pompton Lakes teachers follow the NAGC standards apply evidence-based models of curriculum and instruction related to students with gifts and talents and respond to their needs by planning, selecting, adapting, and creating curriculum that is responsive to diversity. Educators use a repertoire of instructional strategies to ensure specific student outcomes and measurable growth (NAGC, 2019).

    English Language Learners (ELLs) are provided with English instruction using the High Intensity model.  ELLs receive their instruction in English twice a day by a certified ESL teacher.

    To the maximum extent appropriate, students with specific learning disabilities shall be educated with children who are not educationally disabled. In developing the basic plan of the individual education program, the Child Study Team, regular education teacher, special education teacher, and parent/guardian shall determine the appropriateness of regular education program options with support, such as curricular or instructional modifications. Please click the following link for a list of possible curricular modifications and instructional techniques available in all subject areas for implementation in the regular education classroom.

    For specifics regarding differentiation, please click on the following link:

    Differentiated Instructional Strategies Addendum