Pompton Lakes School District

Professional Development Resources

  • Multiple Pathways/Universal Screening Tool - Kindergarten - Grade 12

    Click here for the Multiple Pathways/Universal Screening tool to use to identify Gifted and Talented students.


    Teacher Resources:  Planning and Implementing Lessons for Gifted and Twice Exceptional Students

    NEW! Click here for engaging activities for gifted students.

    NEW!  Click here for independent learning contracts for students.

    NEW! Click here for Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices for Gifted Learners.

    NEW! Click here for IMPROVing SEL Skills using Improv Games.

    Click here for the UDL Guidelines for designing and implementing lessons that "vary demands and resources to optimize challenge" for gifted learners. (See Engagement, Checkpoint 8.2).

    Click here for the Project-Based Learning Framework.  This framework provides all students including our gifted and twice exceptional learners with access to high quality Project Based Learning (HQPBL). Using this method provides students with opportunities "to master academic content and skills, develop skills necessary for future success, and build the personal agency needed to tackle life’s and the world’s challenges" (HQPBL, 2018).


    Click here for Gifted and Talented Webinars and Live Chats.


    Click here for Hoagies Gifted and Talented resources page, which is supported by the NJDOE.

    Specific strategies are encouraged to be used to develop Twice Exceptional students' (2e) potential and talents. Click on Strategies for Twice Exceptional Students

    Click here for research-based strategies for 2e students.

    Administrator and Educational Services Staff Resources

    Click here for Gifted and Talented Resources for Administrators.


    Click the following links for Gifted and Talented Resources for Educational Services staff:






    Click here for research regarding emotional intelligence and gifted learners.