GOOO CARDINALS! Have a nice, and warm Winter!
    Artwork is now on display at the Board of Education office. 
    Collaboration piece where each student created a letter in the quote from Pablo Picasso
    A snapshot of our annual art show. This is a great time where every student not only gets to show their artwork, but they each get THREE pieces to show. We work very hard all year creating a portfolio of artwork, and then students will choose their favorites.
    rainy day
     Students learn how to use a variety of different art making tools. They learn not only how each medium works, but the differences and similarities between a variety of different mediums. This is a multimedia artwork that uses watercolor paint, oil pastels and crayons. Students compared the waxy feel of the oil pastel to the watery feel of the watercolor paint. With some scientific critical thinking, we figure out why the watery paint does not stick to the waxy oil pastel or crayon. 
     Students also gain a knowledge of Art vocabulary. We learn about the elements and principles of Art such as line, shape, color, pattern, etc. Here we focused on pattern which is something that repeats over and over. We also learned about overlap which is when one object is or appears to be on top of another. 
    Throughout the year students work on a Zen Doodle. This is a lesson that is designed to be peaceful, relaxing, and helps the mind develop new ideas. It builds patience but also improves fine motor skills. Students repeat various patterns or shapes of their choice, and fill up the square using their decorative ideas. The designs that they come up with help them in other projects that they complete during the school year.