Mr. Michael McCarthy
    Vice Principal

    Welcome to Lakeside School’s website!  As the Vice Principal, the most important aspect of my job is keeping your children safe and secure. Middle school is a time of tremendous mental, physical, and emotional growth, and each child makes this transition at his or her own pace.  Along with Mr. Herninko, I work toward a bullying-free, no–name-calling school where each and every student is valued.   

    I try to get to know each of our 386 students as individuals, so they feel comfortable asking for my help.  I am available to all students during the day if they need any type of assistance, especially if something has happened to make them feel uncomfortable.  Sometimes students are afraid of being labeled a “snitch” or a “tattletale” if they report teasing or name-calling.  Please assure your children that reports to me are held in confidence and that I will not divulge their name to another student. 

    Our theme this year is “We Are Family” and I hope that each child feels welcomed and understands that he/she is an important, integral part of our school. 


    Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions.

    Michael McCarthy