Jeanette Liguori  RN School Nurse


    Absentee Line - 973-835-7100 Ext. 1501

    Phone- 973-835-7100 Ext. 1502

    Fax- 973-835-8088


    If your child will be absent or late to school, please call the attendance line (ext. 1501) and leave a message as early as possible, and prior to 9 AM. Missed assignments and homework can be found on your child’s grade level homework page, or google classroom page.  If your child develops a communicable illness during the course of the school year, please notify the nurse at ext. 1502 at your earliest convenience.

    If a student is ill and will be absent from school for at least 5 consecutive days, arrangements can be made to receive home instruction. A doctor's note, with a diagnosis requesting home instruction and indicating the anticipated length of absence is required. 

    Leaving school due to illness

    Students who become ill or injured during the school day should report to the health office, with a pass from their teacher, for evaluation. Students should not leave the building due to illness or injury without reporting to the nurse.

    Student Health Screenings

    It is recommended that all middle school students, be examined at least once during adolescence by their doctor or healthcare provider. Early identification and treatment of health conditions, and assessment of growth and development is crucial to maintaining wellness. Please send in records of any current physical examinations.

    All students will be screened annually for height, weight, and blood pressure. Grade 6 and Grade 8 students will also have a vision screening.  Grade 7 students will have audiometric and scoliosis screening. Parents will be notified of any findings that might require further medical evaluation. Students that turn in a report of a current physical examination will be exempt from school screenings, provided the healthcare provider has documented the required screenings.

    Medication Administration

    The NJDOE (New Jersey Department of Education) defines “medication” as a drug approved by the FDA for preventing, caring for, and assisting in the cure of disease and injury that has a written order from a physician licensed in medicine, dentistry, or osteopathy, or from an advanced practice nurse. Medication does not include herbal remedies (NJDOE, 2017). Medication administration (both over-the-counter and prescription) can be requested providing school policy is followed.


    For students who need medication during school hours, a parent must bring the original pharmacy labeled container, with completed medication order and form(s), to the nurse. No medication will be administered without proper documentation. Students are not permitted to carry or self-administer emergency medication without written permission from their primary healthcare provider and the nurse. Medication forms can be found online.

    Additional Information

    Hand sanitizers are available for students to use in all classrooms, and in the all-purpose room. Please do not allow your child to carry and use alcohol based hand sanitizer during the school day.

    More health and medical information can be found on my classroom page, please visit when you have a moment.

    Thank you for allowing me to be a partner in caring for your child(ren). Please feel free to call me at 973- 835-7100 Ext. 1502 with any questions, concerns or to update information.