On Fridays the 7th grade students will use the 9th period class to come together to plan and execute a fund-raiser.The 7th grade students will be split into 6 teams (by 9th period classes). This is a student driven project where the teachers are there to oversee and help the students with the execution of their fund-raiser. Below is a list of the teams and their fund-raiser week. Mark your calendars!

    Team 1: Corbett's 9th period class...Fund-raiser weeks (Feb. 18 - March 1)

    Team 2: LoPresti's 9th period class...Fund-raiser weeks (March 4 - March 15)

    Team 3: Neville's 9th period class... Fund-raiser weeks (March 18 - March 29)

    Team 4: Cook's 9th period class...Fund-raiser weeks (April 1 - April 12)

    Team 5: Carosia & Gnade's 9th period class...Fund-raiser weeks (April 22 - May 3)

    Team 6: Signoretti's 9th period class...Fund-raiser weeks (May 6 - May 17)



    Mrs. Grossman spoke to the 7th graders today. We are all going to live a Bracelet KIND of Life!

                                            Mallorys Army                                                          

    Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year! We have a fun and exciting year ahead of us! Check this page for upcoming events and news! We are all looking forward to a great year!
                                                                                   7th Grade Staff


           Mr. Batsch - Math 
          Mrs. Carosia - Language Arts/Reading
          Miss. Corbett - Science
          Mrs. Gavin - Math
          Mr. Hales - Social Studies
          Mrs. LaCouture - Reading
          Mrs. LoPresti - Language Arts/Reading
          Mrs. Neville - Language Arts/Reading