Exciting News: Lakeside Yearbooks for the 2023-2024 School Year Available Now! 

    We are thrilled to announce that the Lakeside Yearbooks for the 2023-2024 school year are now available for purchase! To secure your copy, please follow the link provided below: 

     Order Your Yearbook Here!


    Please take note that yearbook purchases can only be made online, and the deadline to place your order is March 1st, 2024.

    Kindly be aware that students will not have the option to purchase a yearbook at school or on yearbook day in June. All orders must be completed online before the March 1st deadline.

    If you have any questions regarding the yearbook purchase of 8th-grade baby picture submissions, please feel free to reach out to Tim McGovern @ 877-767-5217.



    Final Submission Deadline: January 15, 2024.

    Order Your 8th Grade Baby Picture Ad HERE!

    Follow these steps to create a baby picture ad for the yearbook:

    • Click on the link below to design your baby picture ad: 

    • Select: "Shop Yearbook Recognition Ads."

    • Login  or create an account to begin creating your ad.

    Please review the following guidelines carefully if you plan to submit a baby picture ad for the yearbook: 

    Note: Baby pictures will only be published if they meet the following requirements: 

    • Each student may submit a MAXIMUM of two baby picture ads. 

    • Submitted pictures should depict newborns to children up to age 5. Current pictures of 8th-grade students will not be published.

    • Ensure a heartfelt message accompanies the baby picture(s).
      (*If your message is in another language, kindly email a translation of the message to Mrs. LoPresti @ mlopresti@plps.org or Ms. Neville @ mneville@plps.org.) 



    • Match the orientation of your photo to the picture box for the best appearance (horizontal vs. vertical orientation). 

    • Utilize clear, high-resolution photos to ensure the highest quality in your ad. 

    • Focus on your student and craft a personal message that holds sentimental value. 

    • Use the cropping tools available on the website to eliminate unnecessary backgrounds and highlight your student. 

    • Should you have any inquiries about the yearbook or baby picture submissions, don't hesitate to contact Tim McGovern @ 877-767-5217.