The Lakeside Middle School Kids Care Club welcomes students in all grades to join anytime throughout the school year.  The goal of the Kids Care Club is to spread a little kindness throughout our community, including our school, town, state and nation.  


    Within our school, the members of the club are responsible for making and posting birthday locker decoration kits.  The Kids Care Club is also in charge of the Birthday Bulletin Board which has a monthly calendar adorned with students’ names and birthdays. 


    The Kids Care Club organizes and runs several different activities throughout the year based on the needs of our community.  Examples of activities include: hosting a “Wear Your Cap to School Day” which is a nationwide fundraiser to raise money to purchase hats for children who are dealing with the effects of cancer, coordinating a food drive to collection donations for the Pompton Lakes' food pantry, and distributing a “pay-it-forward” thankful message to the entire student body and staff for Thanksgiving. 


    Students may attend as many meeting as they wish.  Meeting times are dependent on the activities that are being coordinated; therefore, students must listen to announcements carefully.  Meetings take place in room 213 after school, and may last from fifteen to forty-five minutes.  If students have any questions about the club, ideas for activities, or are interested in joining, they may see Mrs. Serra in room 213.