• Patricia de la Motte

    School Nurse


    Phone – 973-835-7100 x2502

    Fax – 973-835-1054




    Students must eat breakfast before coming to school.  See Mrs. de la Motte if there are any questions or problems regarding this matter. 


    Leaving school due to illness


    Students who become ill or injured at school, should report to the health office, with a pass, for evaluation.  Students may not leave the building due to illness without authorization from the nurse. If a student becomes ill and needs to go home at lunch time, the nurse must evaluate the student’s illness as to the necessity to leave school.  A call from the parent to the nurse is required if a student is staying home at lunch time. 


    Student Health Screenings


    Students will by screened annually for height, weight, and blood pressure.  Grade 10 students will have vision screening.  Grade 9 and 11 students will have scoliosis screening.  Grade 11 will have audiometric screening.  Parents will be notified of any findings that might require further medical evaluation. 


    It is recommended that all students be examined at least once during adolescence by their doctor.  Early identification and treatment of health conditions, and assessment of growth and development is crucial to maintaining wellness.


    Medication Administration


    Students who need medication during school hours must bring the original labeled container, with completed medication forms, to the nurse.  No medication will be administered without proper documentation.  Students are not permitted to carry or self administer medication without permission from the nurse.