Dear Parents and Students ---
    Can it be possible that we are have completed the third marking period and are into MP #4? The year is flying by!
    The Art Show is over --- the Spring Concert is over --- we've been on our field trip ----  Yes, we must be nearing the end of the school year!!!
     As we approach the end of our school year I'd like to remind you all to follow our SOAR rules.   Another reminder is that homework can be found on our Google Classroom site.  If you have questions you can check there or send me an email.  I'll repond as soon as possible.  If you are still having problems getting into any of the websites (Clever, Google, etc.) please let me know and I can refer your questions to Mrs. Jasin.  Questions regarding the Parent Portal should be directed to Mrs. McGrath at the Board of Ed Office.  
    As we get ready to move into 4th grade please remember to continue practicing math facts.  Keep reading and even keep a journal to record all the special events that have taken place in third grade.
    It's been a great year!!  
    Keep up the good work.  
    Ms. Davis
    The special word is:    Seashells