Dear Parents and Students ---
    Can it be possible that we have completed our first marking period, have had our first snow day, and are ready for the holidays??
     As we contiue the school year, I will continue to post homework and special notices in our Google Classroom site.  If you have questions you can check there or send me an email.  I'll repond as quickly as possible.  If you are still having problems getting into any of the websites (Clever, Google, etc.) please let me know and I can refer your questions to Mrs. Jasin.  Questions regarding the Parent Portal should be directed to Mrs. McGrath at the Board of Ed Office.  
    Remember to check the school website for important dates and information regarding school events.  The school calendar is posted there, as well. 
    As we continue our school year please remember to brush up on your addition and subtraction facts. More than half of our class has started multiplication.  All of our students need a firm foundation in adding and subtracting (including regrouping).   The Math incentive has started and in the Spring we will have our Reading Incentive. 
    Please remember to check the supply list that was sent home in your June report card.  Most of the students had necessary supplies -- but may need to be replenished. 
    As usual, I'll be posting a "secret" word in these letters to parents and students.  The next word is found below.  If you would like to win your first third grade SOAR ticket just write the secret word on a sheet of paper along with your name and give it to me.  These words change frequently so remember to keep checking this site.
    Finally, we have been grouped into "houses."  Students may earn special rewards for SOAR behaviors.  Houses are school wide -- ask your student about this wonderful incentive program!  They will be receiving T-Shirts which may be worn for special "Wear Your Color" days.
    Ms. Davis
    The special word is:    Snow!!