• Dear Families and Students,
    Welcome to 6th grade Math!! 
    This year I will be implementing a "Flipped Class". The new set up will allow you and your child to review a presentation of the material at home. This presentation will include tutorial clips, preview information as well as games to practice former and current skills. It will be a great way to prepare for class together. In school, we will review the information and most importantly do the homework in class together, where your child will have my support to answer questions as they come up so they can build the required skills to succeed.
    This year is a new chapter in your child's academic life, the beginning of middle school; lockers, changing classroom, meeting new friends, etc. These are all changes your child will become accustomed to within a short time at the beginning of the new school year. There will be new expectations, more responsibility, learning how to get organized and time management skills that your child will develop. During these middle school years, they will learn to become independent young adults. :) You and your child can work together on building good homework and study habits. You will find tips and various websites to aid you on your quest under Good Study Habits on my website. Remember, your guidance is still so important in their middle school success.  
    To help my students, I offer homework re-do's on assignments and Quiz/Test Corrections. Please see the guidelines. 
    I look forward to working with you and your child. Please feel free to contact me anytime. School # 973-835-2221 Email: jtappan@plps.org
    I look forward to having an exciting and successful year with your child.
    Jeannette Tappan