• Welcome to Mr. Edgar's homepage. Below are desciptions of the current courses he teaches:

    English 9-Honors

    The goals of English 9 - Honors are to familiarize students with some of the prevalent and recurring themes in various types of literature and to teach them how to identify and analyze these literary themes in writing. Students will learn and practice the basics of literary analysis: how to formulate a thesis and major claims, and how to support these claims with evidence from the text. Students will also practice a wide variety of writing styles. The course will be enriched by studying grammar and vocabulary.

    English 10-Academic

    Students in English 10-Academic will continue to build on the skills students developed during their freshman year through the exploration of American literature. In addition to reading classics such as The Great Gatsby, Death of a Salesman, Of Mice and Men, The Crucible, and others, the class will emphasize writing for a variety of audiences and purposes. In addition, units on poetry, public speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and film will provide students with a more thorough educational experience.

    Broadcast Journalism

    The Broadcast Journalism is designed to teach and foster journalistic skills and practices in a variety of media types and styles. Students in the class will write, film, and edit stories for the class website, The Cardinal Network, which is the main source of news for Pompton Lakes High School. Stories include features on new teachers, athletes, current trends and interests, athletic teams, the arts and artists, as well as day to day news that is taking place in and around the PLHS community. Above all, Broadcast Journalism is a student-driven course that allows students to learn and develop a variety of different life skills, including working within a team, being responsible, meeting deadlines, working independently, and communicating effectively. In addition, since each finished project is placed on the class website, students must work with a sense of pride, respect, and professionalism in order to maintain a high standard and level of credibility that the class seeks to achieve from year to year.