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    I am looking forward to working with the newest members of PLHS, the Class of 2022!  I will get to know many of you as I will be teaching 2 sections of ALGEBRA 1 & ALL sections of ALGEBRA 1 LAB.  My ALGEBRA 1 classes will be held in Room 14 during periods 2 and 9.  All Algebra 1 LABS will also be held in Room 14. This will be an extremely important year in your mathematical pursuits.  We will need to be experts with the mechanics of Algebra 1, but most importantly will need to focus on its applications.  Along the way, we will visit exciting and interesting topics in mathematics.  My goal is for you to love mathematics as much as I do!
    The SAT MATH REVIEW is near and dear to my heart.  I will be teaching 2 sections of SAT MATH REVIEW.  Both classes are in Room 14, and will occur during periods 4 and 7.  I have a new group of students each marking period.  Each marking period flies by with a whirlwind of information,  practice, strategies and techniques.  It is always endearing to see the improvements from pretest to post test.
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