• Welcome to the Form, Function and Design 1 & 2 PLHS webpage.
    You will find many topics and inspirations here to review. As the school year develops, many new postings will be made. Since there is no current text for the courses, you will be able to find much of the safety handout information here to assist in test and classroom review. Do not limit yourself to only studying the safety information just for passing the safety tests.
    Safety is an ongoing practice that must become part of the daily routine. You are new to working with wood. Do not assume you have learned all there is to know about safety because you have taken and passed a test on it. 
    Safety is a state of mind.
    It requires patience, knowledge, being observant, forethought, the following of procedures even if it means you have to wait, constant reflection on whether what you are doing at any given moment is the correct procedure, and can you do more to work even safer.
    Once a problem occurs there is no going backwards, so do your best to avoid the problem in the first place. Always ask first if all your setups are correct and safe. There is lots to remember; don't assume you remember it all.
    On a lighter note:
                      By the way... 
     ...PLHS wood shop projects are now Flair approved.