• The goal of school health services is to strengthen and facilitate the educational process. There is a strong association between student health and academic achievement. My role is to help all students be successful learners. Students may have physical, mental, emotional or social concerns, but they can still be successful in school.  

    The transitions that occur during middle school for children and their families can be challenging. As Lakeside's school nurse, I am here to assist students, families, and staff in attaining and maintaining optimal health and health attitudes. Your child's presence in school is very important, but unfortunately, periodic illness and injury are commonly part of growing up. Keeping your child home when they are ill or injured is expected however,  limiting the disruptions to their education will help your child's academic performance meet his or her academic potential. Education is the key that will open many doors in your child's life.

    As your child grows and develops during middle school, it is important for them to establish good health habits. During adolescence many physical changes occur in the body in preparation for adulthood. I encourage proper nutrition, good hygiene, exercise, and adequate rest to support the health and development of your child. Learning and practicing good health habits will help your child develop patterns and behaviors to make lifestyle choices that affect both their current and future health.