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  • Welcome!

    Check out my "Courses" page to read about an overview of each of the courses offered.  This year, I will be teaching Intro and Advanced Computer Science! 

    Some of the topics we will be learning this year are...

    Marketing & Business Management...

    • The 4 P's of Marketing
    • Wants versus Needs
    • Decision-making process (personal and business)
    • Social media and Marketing


    • Charactertistics of an entrepreneur
    • What is a business plan?
    • Who are my competitors and what does this mean to my business?

    Sports & Entertainment Marketing...

    • What is sports marketing?
    • What is entertainment marketing?
    • Social media, entertainment and sports distribution
    • Supply, demand and pricing strategies

    Computer Applications for 21st Century Learning

    • Word/Google Docs - formatting, fonts, alignment, layout
    • Excel/Google Sheets - spreadsheet/workbook layout, formulas, function formulas, graphs and charts
    • PowerPoint/Slides - design, layout, animation, slide transition, graphics, audio, video
    • Publisher - templates, desktop publishing, layout, design 

    Computer Science - Intro

    • JavaScript utilizing CodeHS (online course)
    • Create basic programs
    • Explore how computers affect our everyday lives

    Computer Science - Advanced

    • Prerequisite: Computer Science - Intro
    • Python utilizing CodeHS (online course)
    • Deeper development of computer programming skills