• Below is a message from the Director of the Pequannock Boys and Girls Club (dated 8-24-20) regarding after care during the district's 2020-2021 reopening.


     We currently have the program capped at 40 students however we do have another room we have access to in the high school so should we need it we could add but for now we have it all set to house our program in the High School gym.  Lenox students will be walked over to the High School.  Lincoln students will be picked up by bus.  For now guidelines for our childcare are permitting us to follow what some districts are doing for bussing.  Pequannock district is placing children on buses with masks one per seat.  This allows us to put a max of 12-14 children on each bus depending on the bus we use.  We will be opening registration for Lakeside students however if we do not have enough children to house a group we may have to cancel the program for this age group until we have a minimum of 5.  Miss Barbara will continue to be our Program supervisor at this location.  Our staff will mainly consist of senior counselors until the guidelines loosen up and we can have more children per group. 


    Our groups will be compiled of 1 staff per 10 students per group.  We will be grouping the students together first by school then by grade and pick up time.  We have broken our fees down into several different options to help parents the best we can with the financial increase.  We have kept our rates as low as possible but they did increase based on the extended times the children are under our care.  The rates are as follows:


    Option 1: 4 Days in school only 12:00PM-5:00PM rate $360

    Option 2: 4 Days in school only 12:00PM-6:30PM $415

    Option 3: 5 Days (4 school days until 5:00PM) + Full virtual day 7:00AM- 5:00PM rate $520

    Option 4: 5 Days (4 school days until 6:30PM) + Full virtual day 7:00AM-5:00PM $575


    If you are a family who participates in the state financial assistance program (Child and Family Resources or 4C’s) you will be required to submit a $50 deposit along with your $35 membership fee to reserve your child’s spot.  This $50 will either be deducted from your copay or if no copay applied we will refund.  Please begin your contract now and let your case worker know you will be using a minimum of 5 hours each day.  This should increase the daily rate they pay so it will reduce your copay.


    There are options of 5pm pick up and 6:30PM as well as 4 school days and 5 days to in.  The Full virtual day will only run 7:00AM-5:00PM as we want to give the school staff time to disinfect our area. 


    Attached is our Safety Policy and Guidelines that we adjusted prior to opening our summer program there will be some things different especially with off sites but wanted to give you what we developed as our safety protocols as a foundation.  We will be adapting our policy alongside with the school policy.  All things to come. 


    I will send out a detailed email as we get more information but for now as a former member you have the option of registering in the next 48 hours before we open to the public.  If you have an entering kindergarten child that you planned to register this year that is fine.  You as the parent of our services are getting priority. 


    Here is the online link: https://www.visioncps.net/form/WRForm.asp?OrgUnit=153/71.