• Welcome to the RCA House System

    Lenox Edition! 



    • Culture of Belonging - This system provides students with a culture of belonging.  Even on the first day of school for a brand new student, they will be welcomed into a house of students with a common goal.  
    • It gives students a chance to be recognized by their peers and congratulated for their accomplishments. 
    • Healthy Competition - This system allows us to teach our students what healthy competition looks like.  We cheer on all houses, not just our own. The staff plays a major role in this, as we want to set the example for the students.  
    • A Sense of Community - This system encourages everyone to get involved and get to know one another.  Fifth graders can get to know kindergarteners, and Staff can get to know students outside of their classroom.  
    • Character Building - We will loop character education into the house system by recognizing students who exhibit positive qualities throughout the school