Mr. Michael Petrella
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Testing

(973)835-7100 ext. 1516

The Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Testing oversees the total educational
experience each child receives as a student in Pompton Lakes.
Every content area has a Board of Education approved curriculum based
on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards or, in the case of Language
Arts Literacy and Mathematics, curricula based on the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. The district also offers professional development opportunities
to the entire staff to provide teachers and para-professionals with the latest
research based instructional strategies that will provide the students with
the best possible educational experience. Additionally, the district ensures
that the curriculum and instructional strategies used in class rooms
provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful
future, as well as preparing students for the state assessments. To aid in
the communication between the school and parents, this office also
maintains the Parent Portal. The Parent Portal provides real time
information on student’s tests, quizzes, and classroom assignments.
Parents with children in grades K-12 can presently use this site to track the
academic progress of their students. Beginning in September, 2016,
the parent portal will be open to all elementary school parents. Parents with children
in grades K-5 will need to click on the Standards tab to view their child's progress.