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    Grade 5

                The fifth grade classes will continue to acquire their new language skills through practice of what they have been learning over the past few years.  (See all previous grade levels.)  In addition to reviewing and expanding upon all previous topics, fifth graders practice more guided conversations based on what they have learned.  Often these conversations will be practiced orally to follow the natural process of acquiring language by first listening and speaking, then later reading and writing.  Students will also practice by writing out dialogues to be presented in class.  As with all previous grades, grade 5 Spanish activities include songs to practice the language and experience the culture, as well as educational games that provide multi-sensory learning. 




        el pollo 
        el pavo 
        el cerdo 
        la pasta 
        el arroz
        el pan 
        la leche 
        la mantequilla 
        el queso 
        el helado 
        la papa 
        la manzana 
        el tomate 
        la naranja 
        el plátano 
        las zanahorias 
        la piña 
        el jamón 
        el pescado