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The Parent Portal feature on PowerSchool is now open.  Please note, for the Middle School, PowerSchool is reflecting the “regular” schedule and not the cohort or virtual schedule that we are currently following in the school re opening plan.  This means the period order and teachers may be different from their current schedule.  It is necessary to keep the original master schedule in the case that we eventually return to the regular schedule.  Student grades for Cohort learning will be kept on the Google Classroom pages.  Overall averages will be updated to PowerSchool on a weekly basis.  The first update will occur on Wednesday, September 30th in the afternoon.


Next Wednesday (10/28) is a Virtual B Day and we will follow period 5/6, 7, 8, 9.


Please click on the following link to access the latest edition of Lakeside Lines:  October Lakeside Lines 


Please click on the following link to review the Lakeside School Reopening Plan - Lakeside School Reopening Plan


Please note that the School Supply List for the 2020-2021 year has been revised to the following:

School issued Chromebook computer

1 pack of pens and pencils

5 subject spiral notebook