Welcome to Geometry

Posted by Marcela Petric on 8/27/2017

Materials Required for Class Daily

1. 3-ring binder ( a notebook is acceptable).

2. Pen or pencil.

3. 2 or 3 colored pens or pencils.


Classroom Rules

Rules are designed to provide a safe learning enviroment. All school rules and policies found in the student/parent handbook will be followed in the classroom. Some highights:

1. Be respectful of one another. The number one sign of showing someone respect is to listen and give them attention while they are talking.

2. Be on time and in your seat before the bell rings. There will be a "Do Now" that you will begin working on as soon as class starts.

3. Come to class prepared.

4. The bell does not end the class-Mrs. Petric does! Do not pack until instructed to do so.

5. Absolutely no food or drink (except water bottles) is allowed in the classroom. Hats, cell phones, IPods, etc are not allwoed either (as per school policies).

6. Bags of any sort are not allowed on top of your desk during class.

Please come to me with any problems?concerns as soon as possible. From time to time, some students experience circumstances that create a problem in completion of assignments (e.g. family illness, special occasions, etc.) Please let me know if you are experiencing such circumstances so that arrangements can be made.



Grade = Total points earned/ Total points possible.



- Each complete homework is worth 4 points. Incomplete homework will receive partial credit.

- For any problem that requires work the student must show work. A list of anwers will receive zero.

- Homework will be cheked regularly and collected periodically.

- No late homework is accepted. Partial homework credit will be assigned if the student chooses to complete the assignment under teacher supervision after school.


Homework Quizzes

- There will be several unanounced short quizzes during each cycle. These short quizzes will consist of a few questions having to do with the homework assigned that day. Each homework quiz is worth 4 points.


Quizzes and Tests

- Quizzes and tests are to be taken within the class period. No extra time is allowed.


Class Work

- Students will be graded on assignments completed durint class.

- Each period class work is worth 1 point.


Extra Help

- Before school (7:30 AM - 7:55 AM) in Room 204.

- After school (2:50 PM - 3:15 PM) in Room 204.


Missing Work

Every attempt should be made to be in class each day. However, there will be times when you will miss class(es). With that in mind , here are the procedures and guidelines you should follow if in the event you are absent.

It is your responsability to make up any missed worl on your own. I will gladly help you as much as you need, but only if you meet me halfway by following these guidelines:

1. Obtain a copy of the notes from class. It is fine to photocopy notes and put them in your binder.

2. Attempt the homework problems.

3. Come to extra help if you have any questions about the material or need extra help. You must have attempted to solve the problems by yourself. I will be happy to answer specific questions.



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